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Noiler is a dual-purpose breed of chicken developed by Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited for small holder farmers to address the challenges of food security and financial dependence among the rural populace, especially “WOMEN”. This Dual-purpose bird “NOILER” has all the attributes of a Native chicken, albeit with additional benefits of faster growth, Less fat, Tasty Meat, More Eggs and less broody effort. They thrive on low inputs and meet the gap of nutritional security of developing countries.

NUTRITIONAL Protein Intake

Encourages higher capacities in villages besides back yard rearing


Provides additional source of income to rural households

Rural Empowerment

To create a revolution in rural poultry (production) that will increase productivity and income

The Noiler Process

Agriculture is the back bone for economic growth in any developing country. We want to create a revolution in rural poultry (production) that will increase productivity and income for rural women and empower them to transform access of poor households to source animal protein in Africa.

Step I

Breeding and Hatching

Breeding and hatching of Noiler DOC by Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery (AFSH)

Step II


Training, Monitoring and Management (Extension Services)

Step III

Mother Unit Setup

Pre-Inspection of facilities, Pre-Stocking Inspection and Order Placement

Step IV

Brooding and Rearing by Mother Unit

A poultry farmer with existing brooding capacity; broods and vaccinates Noiler Birds from Day Old Chicks to 5 weeks. Thereafter transfers or sells to Small Holder Farmers in twenties in equal sex number.

Step V

Rearing by Small Holder Farmer

SHFs receive 5 week old Noiler birds in equal numbers of male and female. They raise the male to 4 months to a target weight of 2.5kg to 3.5kg depending on how well she manages her flock. She sells to make some income (which could be used to get another batch of Noiler birds) or the family consumes some, while keeping female for egg production, which could also be sold or consumed to improve family nutrition. The female starts laying at 22 weeks, though we have recorded cases of early lay due to intensive feeding.

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Regional Spread of Mother Unit Farmers

In Nigeria, currently, our Mother Unit (MU) Farmers are over 2,500 with Average Capital of 750 birds. Find below regional spread of our MUs.

South West 40%
South South 8%
South East 11%
North East 12%
North Central 19%
North West 10%

Meet the AMO Farm Team.

Orevu Odeseneka FSR Delta State
Sulaiman Abubakar FSR Niger State
Ibrahim Sofiyyullah FSR Sokoto State
Lucy Igbokwe FSR Enugu State

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